Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Longer Walks

The fine weather has meant the local park has got a bit busy and so Teasel has been getting out further afield for longer walks.

On Saturday I took her for a two hour walk to Blaise Castle and Kingsweston Hill - where she indulged in one of her less appealing hobbies of barking at horses.

On Sunday we went to Westonbirt Arboretum and wandered around Silk Wood for a couple of hours taking photos.

And on Monday I took her for picnic to Ashton Court (where the photo, right, was taken). We'd been caught in a deluge there the previous week, and ended up sheltering under a bush before giving up and getting very wet - but this time the weather was great. I had a sandwich in one of the meadows while Teasel chewed a stick. Again we were out for 2 hours.

Then on Wednesday we managed a 90 minute walk in Leigh Woods.

She certainly doesn't seem to have any problems with stamina - I think she's coping better than I am with the longer walks.

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